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Gold City


Travers Gage, a doctor from Virginia who fought for the North, heads west after the War between the States. Haunted by secrets and a price on his head, he builds a new life hoping to leave the past behind him. But can he solve the mystery of the town's missing men as he faces a new danger of his past coming back to haunt him?


Gold City, Kansas


The War of Rebellion is over. The great expansion to the West has begun. It is a frontier, not of just land, but of heart and spirit. Only the strongest survive. This is the saga of a town of individuals who refused to give up, their struggles chronicled, their joy and despair a written word. There is the doctor, new to the town, a man with a secret and a price on his head. There is the sheriff, a man who knows his best days are behind him. There is the blacksmith, a freed slave, who along with his wife, seek validation in a white world. There is the madam whose heart is as big as the west. There is the wife whose husband may be the devil himself. There is the friend who chooses to be only that. There is the tomboy who captures the soul of a warrior. A town, new and on the verge of legend. The place - Gold City.

What people are saying about Gold City - 


"Meyer has cleverly written a wonderful tale about the post Civil War old West. Meyer’s unique writing style paints the scenes vividly and captures the old western feel. The characters are alive and jump out from the pages and have the readers rooting for the heroes while hoping for the demise of the scoundrels. Historically accurate with a different view of famous people, one will be intrigued with the history, the drama, the mystery, the action, and the romance. Gold City has it all!"    -   R. Beatty



 I read 80 some odd pages the first night & fell asleep with it at 2:30. The characters are so well thought out & developed they seem so real that you can see them as you read. There is a bit of mystery, history, & intrigue all through the book. The story line kept me reading it every time I sat down. One place in the book,the mood changes so much that it is almost like a dark cloud descends! I was surprised & shocked at the ending & by the time I read the last chapter, I was crying so hard that I could not finish the epilogue. It is a book I would highly recommend to anyone who loves history, a western, or romance. Gold City covers all this & more! I will definitely re-read it again & again!      - D. Derrick








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